We Are Boycotting PokerStars!

Who we are?

We are a few hundred MTT regulars, who are acting against new politics of Pokerstars. We are tired of constant raise of rake and lowering of rakeback in the room, so we decided to boycott them.

Why we are doing it?

To be completely honest, this just started as a personal 'Fuck you' to Pokerstars from my end. The nonstop rake increases and unbeatable formats they have been pushing on all of us, with the latest one pushing me over the edge, made me reach out to some of the highstakes reg to try and convince them to skip the 5k psko turbo as a protest. The main response was: 'If everyone is sitting it out I will aswell.' And this opened my eyes. If we can stand together, we have a lot more leverage. So I contacted Partypoker and asked them if they could add the same tournament with a better structure (they already have lower rake) so all of us gamblers still had an alternative to play. They complied and now they are running a 5k 1 million GTD at the same time with better structures.
The plan as a group now is to keep pushing for a beatable environment where we can continue to try and take each others money. As a group we will have the ear of the big sites, even if Pokerstars does not in a meaningful way address our issues. And our issues are not only about highstakes; the rake increases impact aspiring pro's and recreational players aswell, if not more. It has become harder to climb the ladder when the rake on a 11$ mtt is $1.20, it's harder because there shouldn't be full rake on a psko turbo flipament. It's not sustainable.
The obvious caveat is that as a company Pokerstars doesn't owe us anything and they can do whatever they want. We can do whatever we want as well, and we will take our money elsewhere and support sites that don't actively want to destroy the very service they are offering just to get the cash out quickly and push people into unbeatable games.
Poker should stay a competitive, fun experience for pro's , aspiring pro's and people who want to mess with the pro's.

5 things we are displeased about

  • Tourney structure is becoming worse and playability is on a steady decline

  • Rake is always going up and rakeback dwindles. Our playing conditions are becoming worse and worse all the time.

  • Rake is hidden in the room and tourney lobby. This looks like straight up fraud.

  • A lot of games and tournaments are unbeatable. This doesn't only heavily cripple proffesional players, but is also making the perspective of playing tournaments undesirable for amateur players.

  • There is no communication between pokerstars and community. They are not even considering discussing with us their decisions to increase rake and make vast changes to the tournament structure.

What do we want?

We are not willing to wait till all the game types on pokerstars will be unbeatable.

We want our opinion to be heard. There are already over 300 of us. We are not making any ultimatums. We are willing to discuss this with PokerStars and any other room to make the poker environment better for players.

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